We’ve made it a hat trick! Our third blog post, and this is a fun one! Inspired by one of our all-time favourite family films, Toy Story, a childhood classic.
We began thinking about the strong personality traits each of the characters have and how they would apply themselves to events management. Which roles would they take on? What an exciting entourage they would make as an events management team!
Supplier negotiator: Woody

Someone who will stick his neck out for the best results, a problem solver through communication and a loveable personality. Woody will always rise to the occasion to create value. A good all-round guy who we just love.

Planner: Buzz Lightyear

To infinity and beyond! He makes things happen, he is the commander and the most authoritative, organised and efficient toy in the box. With a huge pride in the work he undertakes as an events planner, he always has the determination to succeed.

Security: Rex

He might not be as fearsome as he looks, but he’s big and scary on the outside so we will use him for a job that rarely needs doing, which must be in place as a safety precaution.

Exhibition coordinator: Mr Potato Head

Exhibition coordinators have lots of things to coordinate, just like Mr Potato head’s body parts. They have to juggle numerous parties and their individual requests. It’s tough, I think the exhibition is exciting – it’s tough, but the buzz of securing a sale really makes up for it!

Marketing Coordinator: Jessie

The most enthusiastic cowgirl in the land! But there is a diligent side to her too, she’s got all of the ideas and creativity to come up with exciting marketing campaigns and has the energy to execute them.

Executive Assistant: Slinky Dog

He’s loyal and would do anything for anyone. If only all of us had an executive assistant side kick like Slinky Dog, we’d get a lot more done.

Accounts: Hamm (the piggy bank)

Of course, he doesn’t necessarily have the best track record when it comes to looking after money. His coins tend to fall out of the bank in a crisis, but he’s a piggy bank after all – we couldn’t really name anyone else as the money man, could we?

Speakers: The bucket of soldiers

They’re intelligent, have a mission to complete whilst at the conference and secretly love their position of power, which most of the time is taken very seriously. The sergeant of course is the key note speaker.

Delegates: Squeeze toy aliens

There’s lots of them, they all follow each other in an orderly fashion, or so they should, the little green aliens! Also, two words – the clawwww! Which in events terms translates to any particularly gripping PowerPoint presentations.

What value can you take from this blog post? Hopefully some humour, light entertainment. And perhaps when recruiting events staff or looking to delegate roles to people within events, look for those who match up with the personality traits of those we’ve covered. Except the delegates and speakers of course; those we’ve put in just for fun!

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