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What roles would the Toy Story characters play in Events Management?

We’ve made it a hat trick! Our third blog post, and this is a fun one! Inspired by one of our all-time favourite family films, Toy Story, a childhood classic. We began thinking about the strong personality traits each of the characters have and how they would apply themselves to events management. Which roles would they take on? What an exciting entourage they would make as an events management team! Supplier negotiator: Woody Someone who will stick his neck out [...]

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Organising an event overseas

Time for our second blog post! A monthly commitment which we’re more than willing to stick to, as essentially, it’s just putting pen to paper about what we do in the office every day! This month we’re writing about organising an event overseas. One of the perks of our job is getting to visit different cities all over the world. These events put a variety of our events management skills to the test. Here’s a run through of some of [...]

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Events Marketing – 10 Simple Rules

Our first CFS Events blog post! Why? Because we need to start practising exactly what we are about to preach. How and why you should be marketing your events to delegates. This is our way of creating a quick & simple guide which will help you break through the noise, reach your target delegate audience and encourage them to attend your event. We have pulled together 10 simple rules which, we believe, if you follow them correctly will help you [...]

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