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Keeping positive when times are difficult

Following on from our other March Blog ‘How to effectively work from home’ – we also wanted to write a blog post focusing on mental health and keeping a positive attitude amidst the current chaos of today’s climate. At the moment you may be unable to work, meet with your friends and family or you may not be earning as much money as you’re used to. This can leave you feeling stressed, unfulfilled and unmotivated. You may have very little [...]

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How to effectively work from home

There is no doubt that we are living through one of the most uncertain periods in our history. The spread of COVID-19 disease has affected our world in ways which just a few months ago seemed impossible. Whole countries are on lockdown, we’ve temporality been stopped from travelling internationally and the way in which we live our normal, day-to-day lives has completely changed.   One of the major changes is the way in which our job roles are being carried [...]

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How to make your medical conference stand out

Running a successful medical conference can make an events team seem like a leader in its industry. In order to achieve this, you must create a memorable event which is spoken about amongst peers, covers hot topics in their particular medical field and becomes an event where places are likely to be snapped up quick.   To create a well renown event within the medical sector, here’s a list of some of the things we think adds to the magic [...]

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How to get the most out of your event evaluation

Evaluating the success of your event is a must if you’re planning on organising future events. A thorough evaluation of your event will help you learn and understand: What was successful Improvement points for next time Whether or not you met your delegates expectations If your budget and timeline was realistic   Essentially, if you create an evaluation form that helps you review the performance of your event from start to finish, it will improve your skills as an Event [...]

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The importance of networking at medical events

Alongside our monthly events related blog post, we will also be writing a blog dedicated specifically to the industry we work within and are very passionate about – medicine. CFS Events specialise in the running, organising and creation of medical and pharmaceutical events. We help create events which provide truly educational experiences for Medical Professionals and seamless organisation for those running the event. Therefore, we want to pass on our wealth of knowledge, experience and top tips for all things [...]

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3 Team Building activities that Event Planners LOVE

Happy New Year to all! A new day, a new year and another shiny new decade to begin and look forward to. After a long and relaxing Christmas break, we’re looking for ways in which to reawaken our office and bring everyone back together as a team with a pro-active mentality for the year ahead.   One way in which we can do this by introducing everyone’s old favourite, a team building activity. Love them or hate them, these can [...]

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Top 10 qualities of a successful Events Manager

Successful events managers need to display a number of skills during planning and on-site management of an event in order to make it a success. We have outlined our top 10 skills below which we think those looking for a long and successful career in events management need to exhibit. Organised It’s obvious but it’s true! Juggling numerous events, suppliers, clients, delegates, hotel reservations, travel arrangements (the list goes on) is challenging. Being able to multi-task is key! However, the [...]

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Tips for launching a first-time event

Every year we launch new conferences and meetings into the medical events world, and as with all new things it’s important to put extra effort, time and planning into them to ensure they launch successfully and return the following year. Here’s a quick snapshot into some of the strategies and details which go into launching a new event successfully. Narrow down your audience Before you put your event out there, it is important to decide on who your target audience [...]

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