Happy New Year to all!
A new day, a new year and another shiny new decade to begin and look forward to. After a long and relaxing Christmas break, we’re looking for ways in which to reawaken our office and bring everyone back together as a team with a pro-active mentality for the year ahead.


One way in which we can do this by introducing everyone’s old favourite, a team building activity. Love them or hate them, these can actually be really effective and fun, not only in the workplace but corporate events too.


When it comes to corporate or professional events, sometimes team building activities are essential to break the ice or help people learn something new about working together. By having an open mind and creating an activity you’re passionate about will help you get the most out of team building activities.


As an event planner, it’s important to know what skill sets and learnings you want to get out of your activity. Here are some of our favourite ideas for activities which have moved away from the classics such as building a raft with some empty barrels and rope.


  1. Creating and implementing a New Year’s Resolution chart


Writing a list of New Year’s resolutions together as an office is important for the year ahead. It will make everyone excited for what’s to come, the potential changes you can make and the goals you can achieve as a team. Make sure you have a list of everything you want to achieve throughout the year, display it in a busy part of the office and tick them off as you go. You can then review them at the end of the year and there will be a huge sense of achievement collectively as and when you do.


  1. Blind food tasting


An activity that everyone loves and can’t grumble about – eating. From food to fork, this activity can involve everyone from start to finish. Assign a group to cook or prepare the food and the other group can blind taste and guess together. Adding a guessing game component, e.g. can you tell the difference between an Aldi Jaffa Cake to a McVities one? Or can you taste the difference between a beef mince Chilli vs Quorn mince chilli? A fun and fairly easy game to play and enjoy together as a team!


  1. Spring cleaning the office


Tidy desk, tidy mind! Start the year by killing 2 birds with one stone, turning up the music and spring cleaning the office. Clear out everything you don’t need, ensure all desk spaces are clear and are actually good working condition. You can even add in a prize element to make things more interesting. Make it a weekly occurrence and award the person with the tidiest desk a point. The person with the most points at the end of the year wins a special treat.


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