We run virtual conferences and events!

CFS Events can help you to run a successful virtual event, using our state-of-the-art virtual event platform. This platform allows you to give your attendees a virtual experience as close to a real life conference as possible. You are able to offer professional webinar services for use in plenary sessions; utilise smaller, interactive workshops for use in break-out sessions; offer virtual exhibitions and poster sessions as well as giving delegates a real chance to network with each-other while at the event. Our event portal will also give you the opportunity to create an educational hub for your delegates to revisit over time and continue learning. Each webinar recording can be hosted on the portal for as long as you like – giving attendees the chance to catch-up or re-visit.

This will be especially useful in the future as the world returns to face to face meetings as you can produce hybrid events and really ensure your whole audience can benefit from the education.

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You are able to offer webinar-style education to delegates, whereby the speaker (plus any panellists and chairs) can be seen and heard, but the audience is largely anonymous. Delegates can interact via live polls and Q&A. Delegates can also be invited into the session, ad-hoc, to ask questions ‘live’ rather than typing questions to the speakers – giving you an additional level of interaction! You can also make use of pre-recorded talks – on-demand videos or synchronised sessions.

Smaller, more interactive sessions are also supported on the platform – you can host up to 50 per session, and all attendees can be seen and heard. This is perfect for smaller breakouts and brainstorming sessions.

CFS Events will assist in briefing speakers, facilitating Q&A and in overseeing the meeting production to ensure you have complete peace of mind.

Delegates can make use of the Meeting hub: a place for attendees to meet online. Connect, chat, video call and exchange contact information.

Alternatively, you can set up specific networking sessions: small group conversations (great for break-outs of 2 – 4 people at a time) lasting for a pre-set time period. These are a great way to get discussion flowing!

The platform allows multiple exhibitors to instant video message with delegates who visit their stands; gives attendees the option to pre-schedule one-to-one meetings; download brochures & short video clips from exhibitors as well as browse information about the different companies.

Poster presenters can upload their virtual posters, abstracts and any supporting document to the platform, for attendees to browse. Poster presenters can also either upload a pre-recorded presentation on their work, or be available, live, by their poster for attendees to ask questions and discuss the research – just like at a live event.